Staying Fit

We all want to be fit, healthy, and look our best right?  Oh but it can seem so difficult when you have a zillion other things you would rather do than to throw on the jogging clothes and start running. 

I’ve always been a picky eater and that has meant different things as I get older.  When I was a kid, I didn’t eat anything spicy so I never ate meat (which my mother always cooked with jalapenos) but I did eat a lot of sweets.  Cookies, chips, candy, soda: elixir of life for a five-year old right?

As I got older I fell into the trap of teenage peer pressure and started worrying about my hips, my thighs, anything that was expandable.  I was never overweight but that doesn’t seem to stop a teenager from wanting to be thinner.  Unfortunately my idea of a diet was not eating breakfast or dinner which explains why I was anemic for so many years.

Then came my two pregnancies.  When I speak about being pregnant I always mention both pregnancies at the same time because that is what it felt like- like I was pregnant twice at the same time. 

I was 20 years old when I got pregnant with my beautiful Bella; and I was ecstatic.  You would think that a 20-year-old would be worrying about the future, how she would raise a baby- shoot – she would worry about partying Friday night.  But I was happy to have someone who I could give all of my love to and that would love me back unconditionally at least until she hits 12 or when the hormones kick in. 

I had Bella in January of 2005 and she was the perfect baby.  She was early and weighed 5 lbs. 8 oz. and she rocked my world.  I had separation anxiety when I had to go back to work after 6 weeks; she was so tiny and I loved her so much.  Then after a whirlwind of missed connections with my gynecologist (which is what happens when you pay out-of-pocket for insurance at a public clinic) I finally made an appointment at a different place and the doctor asked me, “Have you been having bouts of nausea or dizziness?”

Que?  I know you didn’t just ask me what I thought you asked me.  As I stared at him with my mouth hanging open – my body went slack as he told me I was pregnant.  He looked over to the baby carrier where little Bella lay asleep and asked me if I was Catholic. Ha! That had nothing to do with it because after the shock and stress attack I decided that I would be happy twice- at the same time.

So I had Izza Pizza in November of 2005.  There’s no need to scroll up, I said 2005- as in the same year that I had little Bellini.  Irish Twins as I would soon learn to repeat over and over…again when strangers asked if they were twins.

Imagine what that does to your body?  As soon as I started feeling my body lose the weight from the first pregnancy- or should I call it the first phase of two pregnancies? – I started feeling the cravings and nausea of the second phase. 🙂 Life is awesome!

After I had Izza Pizza, I decided it was time to do something to re-activate my body.  I felt tired all the time, my back was killing me, my bones were always hurting and I had fat in places I didn’t know you could have.

It took a while but with exercise and diet changes I was able to lose the pregnancy weight and then some and I have stopped being a diet obsessed, anemic stricken, yo-yo ball of stress. 

So here is to living life right, making it what you want it to be, and making the right lifestyle choices when it comes to diet, exercise, and happiness.

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