Las Palabras

Se me resbalan las palabras, entre mis dedos, se escapan. Y me dicen que no debería dejarlas ir hasta que no sean perfectamente lo que deben ser. Hasta que me hagan justicia sin error a lo que quiero decir. Pero como villana voy corriendo por todas las esquinas donde suelen esconderse y las espanto. Las…More

Ponte a Vivir

Que esperas? An invitation? Ponte a vivir! Siente las olas de esta vida, deja que la ola te pegue en el pecho: suavemente, despacio, y con sabor. Y acaso eso no es vivir? El sentir. So much to feel. Feel the music, let it sway your hips side to side. Absorb the rhythm. Slowly taking…More

Mi derecha y mi izquierda

Sera que mi derecha es la ascendencia Europea? La misma mano que estrecho al saludar pero con la que no puedo escribir? Y mi izquierda el lado indígena? Que con mucho gusto se pone a soñar de tierras morenas? De días sin tiempo. De abuelos con frentes nobles y narices con la capacidad para respirar por…More


Y yo aquí, acostada en el sol ardiente, esperando que me queme lo blanco.More

Grey Days

Like a hopeful lover it hovers in the sidelines. It creeps up quietly, trying to find a foothold – a reason to stay. So much light, so much love, so much opportunity and it doesn’t matter. If my guard is down and life is a tinge of grey I feel it on my shoulders. I feel it…More


Sadly, I don’t have a monopoly on pain. Even when it expands to the point that I feel it, drip, drip from my pores, no more room. I try to contain it. I swallow harder, its roughness scraping my throat – like sharp elbows refusing to relax as I push it down, to where it…More


12 year olds Naive As if the world’s borders ended where Boyle Heights and East LA became Whatever Walking around the beige colored-lunch benches by the student store salivating at treats 50¢ I didn’t have Into the bathroom with the metal reflectors No glass for us in East LA My face a tan brown lips…More

ABCs of Life

And she smiled Because life is worth smiling for Curiously strange  Demanding Excruciatingly painful at times Forgiving yourself can truly be Grace Hating or Having Understanding for Those Who don’t Have it Back It’s a Choice Just be at Peace with your decisions Know that you won’t always get it right Love and celebrate when you…More

Stain on Your White Dress

My hands twist together grubby, brown fingers hiding each other. It seems selfish to mar your fragile innocence, your crisp, white, clean slate, with my damaged truth. You speak of your hardships and I listen without judgement. But I can’t help but feel dirty in comparison and I shuffle my feet and I bring my arms…More

I got into Stanford and I’m a Stanford Kinda Gal

I can’t remember how I first heard about Stanford and started dreaming that I would attend one day. I do remember the walks home from Roosevelt High School freshman year vividly.  I lugged my backpack over my hunched shoulders, leaning forward to offset the weight, and dreamt. As I passed by the Food 4 Less…More