Stain on Your White Dress

My hands twist together grubby, brown fingers hiding each other. It seems selfish to mar your fragile innocence, your crisp, white, clean slate, with my damaged truth. You speak of your hardships and I listen without judgement. But I can’t help but feel dirty in comparison so I shuffle my feet and I bring my arms…More

First Job: How to Prepare for Professional Success

A First Gen Mexican American’s perspective Recently I posted in response to my good friend Stephanie’s LinkedIn post asking for tips for her first post-college job. I encourage you to read it and to add any advice you’d like to add! Brittanny – another incredible friend, encouraged me to make it a post of its…More

Si Se Pudo?

A first gen/low income, mom, non-traditional undergrad perspectiveB.S. Computer Science AI TrackStanford University Class of 2020 This week was the last week of classes of the last quarter of undergrad. For those of you with me since the early days, you know that I’ve been through so many ups and downs, and so many ups…More

The Most Deafening Sound is Silence

I’ve read too many tweets, threads, LinkedIn posts, etc. where as soon as a Black person posts about their pain there are comments by those in the Latino, Asian, and all non-Black communities that jump in and say “What about us?!” I’ve seen chats where females try to prioritize their trauma as sexual abuse/assault survivors…More

An update on Week 1 of Zoom University

It’s Friday morning and this week has felt like it has lasted FOREVA! Yesterday I had a moment of panic not being able to remember if it was Wed or Thurs until I remembered that I had just done Wed lectures. You know your life has changed fundamentally when you mark the days with which…More

To (now Online) College Students – You need a plan to succeed

In the midst of the pandemic, first responders are struggling to keep our fellow Americans healthy; service workers have lost wages and tips; many of us are or will face the loss of a loved one; and many of us are trying to figure out how to keep the fridge stocked and a roof over…More