Seared Ahi Tuna

     Seared Ahi Tuna   Ingredients: 3 steaks of Ahi tuna, 1/2 cup of soysauce, 1/2 tea-spoon Chinese five-spice (I found it at Ralphs), 3/4 tea-spoon Chesapeake Bay seasoning (great for all types of sea food), 1 table-spoon wasabi (depending on how spicy you like your food you can add less), 1 tea-spoon olive oil   In a…More

Tossed and sautéed Kale

Tossed and sautéed Kale Kale is really healthy and a great anti-oxidant. Try this nutty-flavored recipe for a great side dish. Ingredients: 1 bunch of Kale Handful of Pine nuts 1 medium-sized red onion 3 small Roma tomatoes 1 tea-spoon minced Garlic Coarse sea salt Rinse kale, tomatoes and onion. Chop red onion into slices…More

Golden Brown Brussels Sprouts

This easy recipe will have your kids asking for seconds! Tender, juicy and crispy on the outside Brussels sprouts. 15-20 small Brussels sprouts (choose closed-leafed, tightly wound- it will prevent them from falling apart) Extra virgin olive oil (about 1 tea-spoon in a small dish) and 1 tea-spoon for pan Coarse salt and freshly ground black…More

Shrimp Ceviche

Ingredients: 2 lbs of Wild Caught Tiger Shrimp (Vietnam) 10 limes 1/4 orange Crushed sea salt Crushed pepper Cilantro roma tomatoes (look for firm bright red tomatoes) 1 purple onion 2 cucumbers 1/2 orange bell pepper 2 – 8 oz can tomato juice (unsalted) 2 ripe avocados tostadas 1. Slice lemons in half and squeeze…More

Proposed Linear Park on Grand Ave

Last night I took the girls with me to a community workshop hosted by the CRA for a proposed linear park on Grand Ave. With Matt at a BCS Championship party all I wanted to do was pick up the girls from school and go home to the comforts of my couch, a large sweatshirt, my…More

Healthy Recipes

Every time I show up at work with a healthy dish I get inquiries for the recipes; some of these inquiries are so basic such as cooking beans that it worries me as to the future of Food. Food as in the comida your mother made you growing up whether it was tortillas, bread, or…More

Recap since I started the Downtown Parent gig

It seems that over a year ago I thought that the hours in the day would magically extend for me and that on top of the writing for, full-time job, being a parent of two, being a girlfriend, taking online classes, and doing the basic stuff like eating and sleeping I would be able…More

How to Live Without a Car M-F

Living in Downtown, Working in DTLA AND being lucky enough to have a school for kids in DT… I had to get rid of my car.  Big savings on NO car payment, insurance, parking or gas.  Sounds great on paper but it takes getting used to in practice.  Here’s a taste of what it takes.. 5:00…More

Halloween 2008

This was our first Halloween in DTLA and it was safe, fun and family friendly.  We went trick or treating during the day with my daughters classmates at the Lumbini Center.  They had a parade in the school before we set off to Little Tokyo and made a killing worth of yummy eats.  The parents…More

Hello world!

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