Escape to College

“You have to write an essay about college and what you think you need to get into one.” Mr. Escobar was writing furiously on the board. There were three columns ‘community college’, ‘cal state school’, and ‘UC’s’. “What about private schools Mister?” “What do you know about private schools Lorena?” “Like Harvard and Yale or…More

Happy Birthday to me

I woke up, took a shower, got dressed and walked to school. You always knew who the popular girls were because on their birthday they would walk into class with a cloud of colorful balloons – you were extra popular if you received the Elmo or Winnie the Pooh character aluminum balloons. I prayed someone…More

Puppy Love and April Fools

I could feel my face burning as I quickly walked towards the girl’s bathroom but Aracely’s giggling wouldn’t stop following me. Mina and Stephanie were right at her heels with their own grins plastered on their faces. I felt like crying but I was too proud to do it. “Why is he following you?” Stephanie…More

Culmination and a new dress??

I was so excited; I would be able to wear a brand new dress for my 5th grade culmination. That’s what they called it a culmination not graduation. It did not matter, I was going to speak since I was being awarded the Vice-Principal’s award and my mom surprised me by saying we were going…More

Dinner as A Family

She walked home with her eyes to the ground looking at the cracks in the side walk. The cracks seemed to break off into an endless network of spider webs interrupted only by a wad of black bubble gum that had long ago been bonded onto the cement by the footsteps of Boyle Heights. Her…More

Mac and Cheese

My sister and I are home alone. A Gloria Trevi tape is blaring on the radio; my sister shaking her long wavy hair up and down and in a circular motion along to the lyrics, “A mi me gusta andar de pelo suelto, Aunque me vean siempre con enredos”. I strum the strings of an…More

You’ll stay with me right?

Her yelps of pain becoming jagged knives that stab my stomach; like broken glass they shatter throughout the car and I want to pick them up and devour them – chew on the glass until it slices my tongue into ribbons and the blood flows out.More

The Joys of Bringing Up Two Girls in the Heart of Downtown

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I have always felt a certain pride saying that. Growing up in Boyle Heights meant that we did not have malls or big shopping centers, so we would regularly take the Metro 68 bus Downtown to shop in the callejones with my…More

Play Dates: Not Just for the Suburbs

Since the 1999 Adaptive Reuse Ordinance breathed new life into our once-sleepy urban center, Downtown has become quite the booming neighborhood. Our streets no longer go to sleep at 6pm, and new restaurants, bars and lounges are now keeping us up late. Instead of hiding our residences in shame, Downtowners can now be proud of…More

Trying to Make It Work

A hectic weekday schedule usually prevents parents from spending the amount of quality time they would like with their children. I’m no exception to this rule. With the holidays near, this past weekend I decided to spend some quality time with my girls exploring the festivities and activities Downtown offers to families and kids. Friday…More