About the Flying Monkeys

I am a native Angeleno and mother of two Flying Monkeys (Iza Pizza and Bellini Mussolini).

I grew up in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA.

I have always had a soft spot for Downtown LA. Even in the years when you could only travel a few blocks without stumbling upon the Skid Row scene, the beauty of the Historic buildings bore down on you that you had to resuscitate this underused and ignored Downtown. From #BH to #DTLA to #Silicon Valley.

This blog chronicles a journey – full of musings, poetry, feel good quotes, and stories experienced along the way.


I am now the mom of three monkeys with the addition of Valentina 🙂

I will also write about my experience changing careers from business development at a law firm to software engineer. What it’s been like being in my 30s and going back to school as an undergrad, my learning journey, and what my experience as woman of color in tech has been.

A best friend came up with the Flying Monkeys nickname because even as a single mom, I was able to take them everywhere and show them the world. I love and honor that single mom who has become who I am today.

~end of Edit~

I hope you enjoy what you read. Pain is in some of these stories but strength and happiness follow. Some of these stories might be hard for some of you to read but it’s important to know that they happen and for those who have been there, it’s especially important for you to know that It Gets Better.

Much Love,



    1. nIcholas gomez says:

      Susie, I’m very proud to know you, yes especially because your family. It takes a lot of courage to share about your life in public. I know this because I spoke about my life publically a few times and wow talk about shaking at the knees but, there is a reward of growth in character. Look forward to reading more of your life experiences. Love, Tio Nicholas..

  1. Chase says:

    Love what you’re about. Recently moved to Boyle Heights, myself, and appreciate hearing perspectives from those who were formed here. I admire your courage; keep writing.

    1. Los Angeles says:

      Welcome to BH, this neighborhood will always have a strong and prominent place in my heart. Glad that you are enjoying it!


  2. Jorge Lopez says:

    Thank you for sharing, my students at Roosevelt High will appreciate reading your words.

    1. Los Angeles says:

      Mr. Lopez! 🙂 How wonderful to find an old friend here

      – Susana

  3. Rene says:

    I enjoyed reading. Keep writing…

    1. Los Angeles says:

      Thank you for the encouragement!

      – Susana

  4. Carlos Diaz says:

    Hi Susana,

    I’m an L.A. native. Grew up in Boyle Heights as well. I love your posts. Its nice to be reminded of home through your words.

    You have a friend in Philadelphia!

  5. cdiaz86 says:


    I love your posts and your style. Some of them remind me of experiences I have had or of things back home. I am an L.A. native (grew up in Boyle Heights too). Thank you for sharing.

    You have a friend in Philadelphia!


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