I’m a Ferocious Warrior

I’m a ferocious warrior

Don’t ask me what I’ve seen

I’m a ferocious warrior

don’t ask me to explain

I’ve learned so long to survive

I don’t know that I’ve seen

what could have been

I’ve walked and walked

and leaned In

I’ve read and read and thought I’d finally been

only to find that I was nowhere near

nowhere at all

You see

When you have been programmed to live

step by step

un dia a la vez

you forget

you don’t see

the life outside that cage

You don’t think what could have been

If I didn’t have to decide based on the need to


And yet one day

You realize

You are no longer working to feed

no longer walking to heed

the advice of ensuring

your children simply eat

One day you see

You have never broken through the feverish mucous

Shutting your eyes shut

to possibility

Until you feel the weight of the future

of possibility

Of Choice

you never had

you never knew

and now beckons

What Will You Do Now that You Taste

the Weight of Freedom

to ponder

the weight of Choice?

You’ve outrun paycheck to paycheck

You’ve outlived the warfare of your youth

You’ve outgrown the stories of

Making It

You’ve Made It

You’ve Made it to


You stand at cliff’s edge

and you realize as you are fallling



You realize you’ve only made it to


What will your choice be?

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