Giving in to Happiness

Walking on clouds
I practically feel the spring of each step I take
Carrying me up higher and higher
Happiness found amidst the ashes

Then you slowly and steadily inspired me to come around
I wandered closer to you
And now I walk around like a fool
A wide open smile that I can hardly contain by biting down on my lip

The beauty of it all is the loss of: suspicion, defensive self-sabotage, contamination of previous bad experiences

I clearly no longer care whether something goes amiss down the road

I am giddily engaged in continuing to enjoy the magical moments that piece together our exchanges

For all the difficulties and hardships that may come between us that should tempt me to run away
I care not to succumb to them
They do not cross my mind unless someone triggers the reminder 

It was a terrifying feeling to let go and enjoy it

But now it only tastes of sweet relaxing seduction
Happiness, Joy, and peace of mind have beguiled me 
And I willingly respond to that languid call of summertime and promise of more

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