Non, je ne regrette rien

No, I don’t regret anything

Life is not meant to be regretted.  It will be guaranteed to be flawed, it will be sure to take you down winding roads that take twice as long to get to your destination, but the experiences and character you develop on the way are irreplaceable.

I have seen so much and experienced so much.  You see me and you might think I am a carefree silly girl and I am glad of it.  Ecstatic that you don’t see the scars, trauma, and pain that has run its course through my veins.  I, myself, look in the mirror and I find no semblance of that frightened, painfully shy girl that fought to smile through the day.  Now I seem to find it difficult to repress a smile!

Life cannot be full of regrets for a life of regrets is no life at all.  I draw strength, wisdom, and happinness even from my darkest memories.  Mostly because I am untouchable from those moments/people/emotions now.  I am simply happy not to be there now. 

You are alive, feel it!  You are not chained down by life’s circumstance.  You have been given life and it is yours to live, you choose whether you pursue happiness or if you lay down your body to die.  I choose life.  I choose moving forward.

No, I don’t regret life; I embrace it.  I challenge you to do the same. 

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