Little Man

Little Man

I saw you grow from a small scared child cowering by the door,
Anxiously looking back and forth for acceptance before setting foot inside.
Endless nights filled with terrifying cries from your nightmares,
Some past reality on replay in your mind
You shook like a leaf and held on for dear life to our bed post,
You abhorred the darkness and begged for light, begged to stay by our side

Slowly you grew and you found your place
We loved you greatly Little Man
Part of us like any other
I saw your fears start to wane and a smile crept in its place
Mischievousness replaced uncertainty

But it lasted briefly
We let the past take hold again
Thought we did the right thing,
The compassionate and proper thing,
But we didn’t shield you as we should have.
If only we had followed what our heart urged all along,
If only we had not failed you Little Man.

So distant and detached
You have become another
Not my Little Man
Lost and floating you seem to travel though this city
All Faded you claim

Come forward from your haze
Break though the heavy drapes of apathy

Bring you near once more
Shake you awake and make you see
Who you are,
Who you Are Not
You could be anyone and anything
That doesn’t end here, it truly only begins to be your time

If only you could see what I see in you
What lies within you trying to break through
You medicate your soul to keep the pain at bay
The hardness in your eyes does not fool me
I know how it hurts
And I want to be there for you
Little Man

I want to see you smile once more
The hope fill your face with future dreams
Fulfilled by you
Deserved by and preserved for you
Lying in silence
Until you awake
Little Man

Let Go

You say you love me and that you are sorry.
But you mean that you’re only sorry not to have me. You are upset at not having your way and your face crumples up into a wail when I do not run to comfort you as I did countless times before.
You can’t understand why I don’t melt at the sight of you in pain, why when you halfheartedly apologize, I do not embrace you and go back to you as I so often did.

But how can the former blind be expected to be content in darkness once sunlight has filled life in a fresh glow. How can a former beggar be expected to sustain himself in deplorable poverty once he has enjoyed the comforts of life?

I walked next to you and held your hand, looked into your eyes and tried to will happiness into them. In vain I searched for ways to light up that flat stare with mirth and lightheartedness. I recounted my pain, my dark secrets, my very inner core to you so I could be closer to you. But nothing drew you near. Only more pain, anger, and the ugly side of humanity sparked a reaction from you. Passion in your eyes was lighted with anger and accusations. To speak down to me, to hold yourself higher than me, to make me remember what lows of life I had tasted; now that brought a delicious plate of satisfaction to your table. That merited a curve of your lips into a sneer, into a haughtiness that changed your daily humdrum existence and was the only proof that you did not have a permanent line of a mouth etched into your face.

You wonder at my anger and resentment towards you, you decry the hate that you believe I hold towards you, and you balk at the thought that I not hold you dear to my heart in eternal gratefulness and affection.

Hate is for the weary tired souls that are done with life and look towards the darkness of self-pity for satisfaction out of a miserable existence. Hate you I do not nor will I ever. Resentment is for the hurt that still hold tattered feelings in useless hands filled with inertia; resent you I do not.

I hold you at a distance, as a thought, as a puzzle of what I once thought to be the only possible state of existence. I gently rebuke myself for not realizing that I deserved more than coldness and reproach at your side. I try not to dwell on the idea that I was content with bits and pieces of approval and affection that were seldom thrown my way by you. As a beaten dog hangs its head low in shame when it eats the food provided by its abusive owner, I shamelessly lingered, hoping for more displays of emotion to be aimed at me at random.

Life experience. Live and learn. “I only know two very real evils in life: remorse and illness. The only good is the absence of those evils.” – Leo Tolstoy

Clich├ęs, wise words, life mantras: I wear them as a shawl to warm my soul and remind myself that what was once broken and feeble is now steady and strong. I am eager for life and walk towards happiness and opportunity. I walk away from you.

And through it all I wish you well. I hold you as dear as I hold any poor luckless devil out in the street. I bear you no ill will and pray that you too find your way. Please close your eyes to me and think of me no more.

Close your heart to me and speak of me no more.

Memories full of Hurt
Let Them Go
Be Free