Times ‘R a Changin’

I had a completely lovely time today.  Surrounded by friends, new friendships made, jazz music pulsating through the air, and my lovely girls swirling around me

If you had told 10-year-old Susie what happiness and hope was in store 18 years down the line…

She would have politely smiled at you and turned around and cried herself to sleep

I post snippets here and there about the hi’s and lo’s of life but mostly the HIGHS that remind me how sweet and incredibly unpredictable life can be

Sadness has had a ruling cycle for quite some time in my soul but the beauty of opportunity and hunger for happiness prevailed

It may sound silly and a bit cheesy but I hope that if you are out there and you feel the sadness sweeping over you, its tempting tide lapping you into the deepness of uncertainty – that you shake it off

No matter how young or old you may be, you can stand up and shake it off

Fight it off

Whatever it takes until you find the strength and desire within to find a better place 

I am only 28 and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found that long evaded sunshine called happiness

I feel so confident and strong and ready to carry out the plans that I had long ago

I feel so kind and free and loving

And I feel loved

By me and those around me

And for that

I give life a re-evaluation and I embrace it

And I love it

And I offer it to you, 

Offer you the hope that Better Times will come

Take it from a Chica that has been there and Back 😉

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  1. Susana says:

    I love it Susie! It’s coming from your heart. .

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