International Children’s Film Festival Opens at REDCAT with “Rise and Shine”

Sunny warm weather, clear blue skies and a downtown bustling with people and activities; life this Saturday morning was picture perfect. The girls and I set off from South Park on a trek to Bunker Hill, headed for the REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival.

As we made our way down Hope Street we were detained in front of the Sheraton as a sea of dressy conventioneers swirled around us and broke off in rivers flooding their mega-coaches.
My little assistants held on tight to my hands as we pushed through and came upon another scene common to our neighborhood: a large green screen was hanging on the intersection of 7th/Hope as film crews milled around, eating their catered munchies and adding to the volume of mixed channels. There’s always something to watch on 7th/Hope- one my favorite intersections downtown.

We turned on 7th and continued our small trek up Grand Avenue to the Roy and Edna Disney Center- where REDCAT resides.
Now in its fourth year, the festival was a delightful experience. The opening film was “Rise and Shine,” a mix of short cartoons, animation, and clay-mation that extended from all over the world. My favorite was Crank Balls (Devin Bell, USA, 2007). It was so simple and yet heart-warming and sweet- just the thing to brighten your day.

As we paid for our tickets — only $5 per person — we walked into the Lounge at REDCAT, which was housing an exhibit that would make any adult’s mouth water. They had what would be the coolest backyard accessories for entertaining that anyone would love. I am not a photographer but I took a few shots- but you really need to take advantage of the current exhibit and films and bring the family with you.
We will be back there this weekend if Bella gets over her cold- I definitely want to see their 12 o’clock screening which will hit close to home for M as they are a collection of films from Poland. The screening was at capacity on Saturday so I encourage you to get there half an hour prior to the start time. You will definitely want to have time to check out their take on a BBQ pit with Greek theatre-like seating around it, unconventional seating and resting arrangements and the drinks and snacks available at the Lounge. They had free drinks, candy, snacks, balloons, and “tattoos” for the kids on Saturday but that might have been only for opening day.

For more information go to or better yet — show up on Saturday for their 12 o’clock screening. See you there!

Published February 27, 2009

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