Iza, cupcakes, and coffee

For any parent that has had to take goodies to school for a class party, birthday, or potluck- this story is for you- I’m sure you can relate.

I found out I had to take some sort of snack for Bella’s Valentine’s party two days ago.  Snack for Bella, snack for party, for Bella, for snack- wait what?  That’s how my brain functions when I pick them up from school.  I’m always trying to swoop in, get their jackets, sign them out, and run out the door with the two of them in tow. 

Unfortunately I usually get bombarded with questions from their classmates about why we live downtown, or why we take the bus, or why they can’t go home in the bus to our downtown loft with us. 

Then of course comes the inquisitive Bella asking if I checked for any notes in her locker (uhm no…), “Yes! I got everything” I say.  She doesn’t buy it and runs to her locker.  Tick tock tick tock, we’re going to miss the bus… “Mommyyyyyyyy!!! You forgot my note! Mr. Danny says we have to bring something for the party!”

Then Iza pipes in, “why didn’t you take my drawings home?”  Granted I believe that you should keep samples of your child’s work in a scrapbook (err.. shelf in the closet) but is it necessary for me to take the 20 + pages of drawings, scribbles, and art work that they furtively produce every day? 

So I usually keep the holiday stuff: Christmas ornaments, traces of their hands (I love those), birthday cards; but pages filled with their first and last name? Uhm no… Those go in the recycling bin- but don’t tell Iza! She checks in our bin at home so I make sure I do it at school when she’s not watching.  Sneaky little kids, I wonder where they get it from?

I digress… So I try to wake up earlier this morning and with cupcakes on my left hand and an awkward feeling empty left hand I walk into the store to buy a cup of Joe.  I’m not supposed to be drinking coffee darn it- I hope M doesn’t read my blog. J 

As soon as I pay, Iza inches over to me while peering at the clerk and whispers, “when she talks- her voice is beautiful.”  So I encouraged her to tell her and she walks over and says, “Excuse me. Your voice is beautiful”.  You should have seen the look on the woman’s face.  She smiled at Iza and thanked her for making her week. J  It might not seem like a big deal but Iza used to be painfully shy and it makes me so proud and happy that she was confident and sweet enough to compliment that woman.

So out we go with 24 cupcakes precariously balanced in one hand and coffee in the other.  By the time we get to the Dash stop, the cupcakes are tipping over themselves and the pink frosting is on my dress, my sweater, the cuffs on my jacket, and all over my hands.  Sticky bright pink frosting everywhere, coffee Mocha splashing all over my hand, and Iza and Bella giving me the stink eye after seeing their precious cupcakes quickly losing their frosting- what a wonderful morning!

When we got off the dash while I tried to save the cupcakes from their early demise, the girls kissed me and thanked me for their treats.  Bella: “Thank you for not bringing sugar (candy) mommy!  Mr. Danny said no sugar.” (Well you can tell Mr. Danny Mommy says no parties!) Iza: “Can I have the pretty cupcakes?” And after three kisses and several hugs I was released from Mommy duty and made my way to work. 

As I was walking to work I actually caught the dash and I got to work early- don’t you just love the little things?

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