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Shrimp Ceviche

8 Jan
2 lbs of Wild Caught Tiger Shrimp (Vietnam)
10 limes
1/4 orange
Crushed sea salt
Crushed pepper
roma tomatoes (look for firm bright red tomatoes)
1 purple onion
2 cucumbers
1/2 orange bell pepper
2 – 8 oz can tomato juice (unsalted)
2 ripe avocados

1. Slice lemons in half and squeeze into a bowl
2. clean shrimp in ice cold water while removing the shell
3. rinse and devein (some shrimp may come deveined already to make it easier)
4. rinse and slice shrimp in half length wise (you may slice smaller if desired)
5. place clean shrimp into bowl with lime juice and add salt and pepper to taste (lightly and add as desired)
5. Slice a few strips of onion and toss with the shrimp
6. cover and store in refrigerator for minimum 1 hour to chill and “cook” shrimp in citrus
7. Dice onion, tomatoes, cilantro, bell pepper (finely) and place in your veggie bowl
8. skin cucumber and dice into small squares
9. chop cilantro finely and mix with rest of vegetables – season with salt and pepper- cover and chill in fridge
10. drain almost all of the lime juice from the shrimp and squeeze quarter of orange onto shrimp
11. mix in vegetables, two cans of tomato juice, keep stirring and mixing
12. cut avocados in half, remove seed, scoop out slices of avocado onto ceviche and mix
12. Taste (remember to add salt and pepper sparingly and increase to desired taste)
13. serve over tostadas and Enjoy!

shrimp ceviche tostadasNothing beats ceviche with homemade white sangria

Proposed Linear Park on Grand Ave

8 Jan

Last night I took the girls with me to a community workshop hosted by the CRA for a proposed linear park on Grand Ave.

With Matt at a BCS Championship party all I wanted to do was pick up the girls from school and go home to the comforts of my couch, a large sweatshirt, my fuzzy red socks, and tights. But alas I felt obligated to go and provide my input as well as observe what exactly goes on in these community workshops.

We walked a few blocks to Spring St and took the MTA 83 to get to the Public Works Building which is where the meeting was being held and got there 30 minutes early.  While we waited I had a cup of tea at Starbucks while the girls shared a yogurt parfait and chocolate soymilk- and again I wondered why I wasn’t lounging at home instead. 

When we walked over to the meeting place you would have thought they were having a holiday dinner from the food spread they had.  We grabbed a juice and sat down.

After the recap of the proposed project (which would be funded by a state grant from a Prop 84 park bond) we broke out into groups and brainstormed what we wanted to see in the possible site. 

The location is on Grand Ave between Olympic and 9th St and would be 8 feet wide on one side (in front of FIDM) and 20 feet wide on the other (in front of the Federal Reserve) which would result from DOT narrowing the street by removing a park lane and a full lane. 

The top recommendations for the site were:

1. Dog Run (which I agree with)

2. Benches and Landscape (which I thought was a given since it’s a park)

3. Water Feature

I have to say that I was one of only two parents that went to the meeting (Ginny and Alex were there with beautiful Miss Iolani) so there weren’t many votes for child equipment.  I picked up some surveys so please contact me if you can swing by the Saturday Playdate so I can turn them in next Wed. at the next meeting.  I did raise my hand to say just that- I hoped the lack of presence from downtown parents would not undermine that fact that we need kids NON-Metal play equipment, and I must say that the group was pretty responsive overall. 

Next meeting the girls will have to sit it out- poor things were enticed by the chalk, stamps and ink pads (what were they thinking?) but no paper..

Next community workshop is on Wed. January 13 Time: 6-8:30 p.m.  @1149 Broadway SB Rm 6.  Again I know the timing is weird which makes it hard for people to go and especially difficult when you have kids and no nanny but send in your comments so that you can be heard if not in person at least through me or another lucky parent that attends. 🙂

Check out the related LATimes article:,0,5458088.story

and the workshop website:

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